The world's largest art-nft gallery in the center of Europe

Festival of Digital Realities 

Gare Maritime Tour & Taxis


The (F)Estival #BRUXSLSART offers to the artists, collectors, art galleries, museums, brands, good causes, and associations
to play & communicate together with AR(T) in an extraodinary ART PLACE in the center of Europe.
Thanks to easy tech accessible to all 24/7.

In collaboration with

Immerse yourself in the artistic world of T&T

#BRUXSLS.ART invites you to discover Brussels in a more innovative way,
in search of virtual digital artworks hidden away in real life
Using your smartphone or tablet, you'll be immersed in a world where ART-NFT comes to life, 
allowing you to interact with breathtaking digital artworks created by the talented artists of a new digital world.

You'll marvel at the sculptures, animated graphics, digital paintings, and 3D creations,
all carefully displayed along the Gare Maritime walkway.

As you explore, you'll encounter a multitude of unique artistic creatures. From digital sculptures to augmented reality paintings,
each work will transport you into a fascinating universe, filled with vibrant colors and subtle details.

A first private collection exhibition of 100 Unique AR(t)-NFT Smurfs from a market of 6.417 NFTs

A private sale of AR(t)-NFT on secondary market in an iconic location at exceptional conditions

A new community to improve our world with community common sense.

Exhibition launch on 10 July 24

Take time to appreciate these striking artistic creations,
and capture them in your personal ART-NFT collection.

But #BRUXSLS.ART isn't just about hunting for ART-NFTs. It's also an opportunity to connect with other art enthusiasts and share your experience. Join community events, attend inspiring talks by renowned artists, and interact with collectors from all over the world. Together, we'll create a thriving community where art and creativity are celebrated.

By participating in #BRUXSLS.ART, you're helping to shape a new era of art, where technology and imagination meet to push back the boundaries of creativity. Explore the lively streets of Brussels, open your eyes to the artistic wonders around you and marvel at this perfect fusion of art and the digital world.

Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious to discover new forms of expression, BRUXSLS.ART is an experience not to be missed. Get ready to plunge into a world of artistic wonder, where every street corner can reveal an unexpected treasure. 

Join us in celebrating art, innovation, and optimism at #BRUXSLS.ART / BRUXSLS.ART