Welcome to ETHCC BRUSSELS convergence of creativity, technology, and Communities!

Join for this exclusive ETHCC Brussels side events and immerse in a cultural and technological festival that promises to enlighten, inspire and connect. More than just a side event, this is not to be missed, set against the backdrop of Brussels, the European capital of the blooming Web3 open-source communities.  

As we gather for the Ethereum community conference, we're delighted to invite you to exclusive side events that're a magnet for international Web3 communities.  

A European gateway to discover OVERTHEREALITY.io, ARTeCOM.io with its LAB, and partners - who are collaborating with Communities to build the world's largest Phygital art galleries network based on AR(t)-NFT (Art Augmented Reality authenticated with NFT) to (re)building trust and transparency, kickoff in the heart of Europe. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the innovative world of Web3, tangible and accessible to all, designed specifically for communities of artists, gallerists (public & private spaces), enthusiasts, customers and art-nft collectors. 

ETHCC Brussels Side events will started from Sunday 7, Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 from 14H30 to 23H30, in the iconic historical and cultural venue: "La Gare Maritime", just a walk away from ETHCC Brussels, offering networking opportunities, Brussels Beers Bar and International Food Market, and an exclusive secondary market exhibition of "Smurf Society AR(t)-NFT Private Collection", thanks to a (re)start Community DAO program / season2 at the service of the common good, and community Web3 adoption workshops.

Discover these side events designed to make the complex world of Web3 accessible to everyone..